Summer, Day 73; Vacation, Day 9

The picture above says it all: We went to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs play today. Three generations of Gillespie men: my father, my sons and myself. I took the Lori and the boys to a game last year, so this wasn't their first time to Wrigley. Still, they were excited to see a game, just as I was when I was a kid and now as an adult.My stepfather managed to secure us some good upper deck tickets (my knee handled all the ramps), and the weather was gorgeous.

Unfortunately, the Cubs didn't live up to our excitement for the day. After Starlin Castro hit a home run on the Cubs' second at-bat, the offense shut down. The Pirates only led 2-1 going into the eighth inning before their first seven runners got on base. Leading 7-1 during what was already a long game (so many full counts and throws to first), we decided to get out before the everyone else. We walked across the street to the official Cubs store, then another Cubs merchant selling discount shirts. I wanted to get a Cubs jersey, perhaps of Ryan Dempster, whom the team traded Tuesday, on the cheap. I did find a Dempster jersey that was OK, but then found a Ryan Theriot alternate road jersey originally priced at $170 but on sale for $30. I quietly showed the sales guy all the money I had left in my wallet -- $26 -- and he gave me the deal (he probably wanted to get rid of the jersey, considering Theriot hadn't played for the Cubs in two years). It's a nice jersey, and not many Utahns will know who Theriot is anyway.

We started walking back to the car when we heard cheering behind us at Wrigley Field. The Cubs were rallying! They got within 8-4 when we turned on the radio in the car, but Anthony Rizzo struck out to end the game. I told the boys that not every game will be a victory, especially for the Cubs. Michael was disappointed he didn't get to hear "Go Cubs Go" like last year, but at least they got to see a fan in the bleachers throw a home run back onto the field.

We drove home, then went to Taco Burrito King for dinner and to get my Midwestern burrito fix. Oddly, not as good as I had hoped, but still not bad (I miss El Chico in Milwaukee). We came home and watched the Olympics, while Ben played board games with my dad's girlfriend for a couple hours. I can already feel vacation winding down. Today was definitely one of the highlights -- even if the Cubs lost.

Slug Bug update: Lori gave her points to the boys before going to Utah, so the new standings are Michael 25, Ben 23, me 20.

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