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Wake me up when September ends

I fear I have devolved into just an occasional blogger.

It's been a busy three weeks since my last post. I've been working a lot, not only at the newspaper but also with some freelance editing (more on that in another post). School resumed. Eldest's soccer began. The month has just zipped by without a good explanation. That's a good thing (again, for another post), I just wish I was more productive and wasn't so tired.

October is not going to be quite as busy, thankfully; I really only have one bad work week (as opposed to four out of the last five). We're going to Moab in a few weeks, which will break things up nicely. And after we get back ... alas, that's for that other future post. A couple months ago I blogged about something big coming and how I didn't want to jinx it. Well, it's still on track and I still don't want to jinx it. You'll just have to wait.

In the meantime, it will be October very shortly. Though I want the days to peel off …

School days

The boys started preschool last week. Eldest is in a 4-year-old class again (he was young for his class last year because there wasn't any room in the 3-year-old class when we switched preschools), while Littlest is began 2-year-old preschool.

So far, so good.

Eldest is a veteran of this class, so I wasn't worried about him, other than wondering if he'd be jealous we'd be dropping Littlest off then leaving (both classes are in the same room). But he's been fine. I wasn't sure about Littlest, however, but he's adapted quickly. He's used to playing in this room, so he feels right at home -- if anything, he always wants to play and doesn't want to sit down for circle time or snack. Other kids are having separation anxiety, but not Littlest, who is so low-maintenance that as long as he's not bored, he's fine.

Eldest goes to school Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, Littlest goes Tuesday and Friday. The routine is back, and it's busy.