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Three-minute post

I have three minutes before I take the boys to school this Tuesday morning. What I can write about in three minutes?
Basketball season is wrapping up. Ben has 1-2 games left (next Monday and maybe Tuesday), and all of Michael's leagues' tournaments begin within the next week. The season has been wonderful, though a little long. I've been coaching both kids at practice on Sundays, and I'm somewhat looking forward to getting my entire Sundays back.Yikes, my boys are tall this morning! Michael looks about 5-foot-5, I think Ben is up to 4-10.I'm more than six weeks into the new job already. Finally feeling a little less stressed about it, I think because there has been more writing (my strong suit) in the past week and less recruiting (definitely my least favorite part of the job).I've lost 13 pounds so far in 2015. My goal is to be at 200 pounds by summer, and I am well on my way after two months. Time to go to school. Hurray for the three-minute post!


This is our 15th winter in Salt Lake City, and it's been the weirdest yet. I'm looking out the kitchen window and seeing no snow on the mountains. We've had about two weeks of high temperatures above 50; today, it's supposed to climb above 60 again. This is in a city that hosted a Winter Olympics -- at this same time of year, mid-February.

I'm not complaining: I'm not a big fan of winter to begin with, so I don't mind that it's feeling like spring two months early. But this is maybe the fourth winter of the last five or six in which I've barely had to shovel or sweep snow off the car. I've only worn the winter boots a few times. The snow toys, sleds and snowball throwers, are strewn around the bare yard, hardly used by the boys.

Again, not minding all this, but just a sober reminder of the current meteorology. The east is getting socked again this winter, and I see all the Facebook hosts about how "global warming can't be happening beca…