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Ho ho ho

I wanted this year to be an unforgettable Christmas, and well, Christmas Eve started that way with me having to take one of our cats to the animal hospital at 5 a.m. The day improved from there.

The cat is OK -- he's diabetic and hasn't been in the best shape lately, and at some point Tuesday night, he banged his shoulder hard enough that it split the skin, and though it barely bled, you could see his shoulder muscle underneath (sorry if that's a little gross to imagine). We were worried it was something worse and we'd have a really, really bad Christmas, but he just needed stitches and was able to come home. He's actually in a good, obnoxious mood tonight, hopefully his shoulder heals OK.

We're set for Christmas morning and then spending a nice day at home. For the first time in years, I'm not working Christmas Day. As long as there aren't any more feline emergencies, it should be a happy, memorable day.