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Little Twelve Toes

Being a nostalgic, I am a huge "Schoolhouse Rock" fan. When the animated shorts started showing up on video, first in the early '90s and years after they were off the air, Lori and I bought the collection and let the memories overwhelm us. Eventually, a more complete compilation was released, and finally, it came to DVD -- one of the first DVDs I owned. As the videos were released, a few that weren't popular for whatever reason (e.g., copyright infringement, the fear of comparing the government to a circus, the new ones created in the '90s) came into our consciousness, including perhaps the most bizarre Schoolhouse Rock video ever made: "Little Twelve Toes."

I had no memory of "Little Twelve Toes" growing up, and I wonder if it's because ABC stopped airing it because it's a bit too abstract. The premise: If humans had six digits on each hand or foot, our base counting system would be 12 instead of 10. The video even introduces new symbo…