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Temporarily out of service

This isn't going to be a post about how I'm rededicating myself to posting every day, or at least a few days a week. That post will come, and I'll be writing much more, but for right now, I might be too busy over the next few weeks the blog much here, just as I was too busy the last few weeks.

It's been like that for months, too busy. When I dropped down to part-time at the newspaper, it was with the hope of becoming less busy, and in turn Wife's life would be less busy. But as I inched back up to near full-time, the busy times returned, even worse.

However, the change is coming. After two final full-time weeks at the newspaper, my last regular day will be Dec. 14. I might stay on one night a week, but that one night will remain one night, with no gradual increase like last time. I've taken on some freelance editing and have some leads on more. Wife and I have positioned ourselves to take this step, and we are more ready.

This was the big news I alluded to a coupl…