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Bye bye bug, hello pavement

Spring is just about here, and the weather here in Salt Lake City is cooperating. We have flowers blooming, and I've already done a little yardwork. One thing has been missing -- my continued progress as a runner.

A couple weeks ago, we all caught a virus that has annoyingly lingered, and as a result I missed two weeks of running. I ran so well and was so happy after my last run before I got sick that I was antsy to get my Brooks back on. Finally, tonight, I was able to run again and was pleased that I hadn't lost progress as much as I'd thought.

I'm working toward the Wasatch Back -- a 178-mile team relay -- in June, but there's another running benefit that I've been happy with: it's the best thing to get me back in shape and lose weight. Though a better schedule, some better eating choices and some killer group strength workouts have helped, I believe running has been the biggest catalyst in losing 20 pounds so far in 2009. I'm worried I gained some of …