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The midpoint

Michael's year of kindergarten was a wonderful experience, for him as a 6-year-old student, and for us at parents. Our school, The Open Classroom, is a unique type of learning environment, with parents helping out in the classroom and becoming an integral part of a robust community. Lori and I took turns co-oping in the classroom, watching Michael grow and interact, working with other kids, developing a deep admiration for the teacher, and making new friends with the other parents.

That first year of kindergarten was tremendous. And, just like every other aspect of our children's lives, it zipped by far too quickly. From that first day when another boy thanked Michael for playing with him during recess, to the circle talks and snack times and playdates, to Ben wanting to sit in on the last few minutes of class every time I picked his brother up, to the field trips and changing seasons, to the class campout (we just went for the afternoon -- remember, Lori and I don't like …

Back in the game

Almost three months since the last post, but the focus has changed.

I started writing professionally so much in 2014 that the the non-professional writing suffered. My reasoning, I was so tired from the work that I couldn't just sit down in front of my laptop and write some more when it didn't count for anything. This blog languished, as well as the two other blogs I still kept putting off. The focus was incomplete.

The focus is changing because ... I've been hired for a full-time job. The company I've been freelancing for is bringing me on for 40 hours a week, writing, editing, and managing content. I get to work from home, and I'm not strictly working 9 to 5 every day. The opportunity is tremendous, and I'm excited to begin next week.

The new job also has me refocused. Even if I didn't take the job, I knew I needed to reassemble how I was structuring my day to reach the goals I want to reach. Getting in an hour of writing just for me is that first step.