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Remember when ...

We knew August would fly by, and here is proof -- we have been back from vacation for three weeks, and I haven't even blogged about it. So five weeks since vacation started, here was our trip:

Vacation was two weeks long, our longest trip yet. It wasn't long enough, as we didn't quite see everyone we wanted to see, and didn't get more time with just us -- us being Wife, the boys and myself. At the same time, we were ready to get back: Vacations are great, but they are work.

We visited so many people. I saw a friend I hadn't seen since 1990. Our kids played with our friends' kids. My sister and her kids came in from Texas. We went to northern Wisconsin and stayed a great resort near Eagle River.

Eldest got to fish for the first time. Littlest swung on a swing just about every day of the trip. Eldest went out several mornings with his Grandpa to exercise the dog. Littlest would wake up with the earlier sunrises and exclaim to us "Let's go!"

It was humid…

Take me out to the ballgame

I took Eldest to his first professional baseball game today. We saw the Triple-A Salt Lake Bees play the Fresno Grizzlies at Franklin Covey Field on a sunny, warm afternoon. Yes, it was just a minor-league game, but it was a nice father-son milestone nonetheless.

Admittedly, I wondered how long Eldest would last. Four-year-olds get bored quickly, and he hasn't quite picked up on all the elements of baseball yet. We arrived at the stadium and looked around a little, but got some food, found our seats and settled in for the game.

He made it three innings before he got a little antsy. He did witness a Bees home run, which was cool. After the third, we walked over to the playground (yes, this stadium has its own playground) beyond center field. He played there for a few innings, then said he wanted to go home, but I convinced him to stay through the seventh-inning stretch and "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." I bought us some ice cream in a mini-helmet and sat back down, thinking…

Dude, where's my routine?

We've been back from vacation for more than a week now, but I haven't seemed to get back into our pre-vacation routine. The cold I was fighting last week didn't help, but I think part of the reason is that we didn't have much scheduled this week. No swim lessons. No playdates. No soccer camp. No preschool, obviously. One Little Gym class Monday morning, and not much since. And these last three days have seemed to have dragged on.

Sure, I did get things done, and it's not like we stayed inside every minute of every day (we did go on a fun jaunt to a new park and then IKEA on Tuesday). But by the time I went to work Wednesday night, I was starting to go a little stir-crazy. Maybe I, we (the boys included), thrive on flexible routines. They can be tiring, but at least there's no time to get bored, flustered or unproductive.

Soccer camp returns next week, then a couple busy weeks, then school starts after Labor Day. Though it will be sad to see the summer end, I'…

System reboot

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted!

The week before vacation got real busy, then we went on vacation -- and though theoretically it would have been nice to blog on our trip, it just didn't happen (plus I needed to write my NFL blog, which came first whenever I had some free computer time). We got back just as I was catching a cold. All of a sudden, we've been back three days (ever notice how the immediate days after you get back from vacation zip by, as if almost to sneer at the fact your vacation is way in the past?) and I still hadn't posted.

So here it is. Vacation was great -- the boys had a blast and it was nice to see as many people as we did. I caught this hit-and-run cold that has spread to the rest of the family, and as a result, the last three days weren't as productive as I would have hoped. They weren't totally devoid of usefulness, and we did celebrate Wife's 40the birthday, but for I would have liked to have accomplished more in the days …