System reboot

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted!

The week before vacation got real busy, then we went on vacation -- and though theoretically it would have been nice to blog on our trip, it just didn't happen (plus I needed to write my NFL blog, which came first whenever I had some free computer time). We got back just as I was catching a cold. All of a sudden, we've been back three days (ever notice how the immediate days after you get back from vacation zip by, as if almost to sneer at the fact your vacation is way in the past?) and I still hadn't posted.

So here it is. Vacation was great -- the boys had a blast and it was nice to see as many people as we did. I caught this hit-and-run cold that has spread to the rest of the family, and as a result, the last three days weren't as productive as I would have hoped. They weren't totally devoid of usefulness, and we did celebrate Wife's 40the birthday, but for I would have liked to have accomplished more in the days before returning to work.

August is here, and it is going to be busy. Work will be interesting as I'm helping with a few overnight Olympic shifts. Blogging will be frenetic as I want to catch up on vacation as well as post like mad to my NFL blog with the season approaching. It is a busy time for the family as Wife major work stuff ahead, Eldest has soccer camp, and the preparation for the return (or in Littlest's case, debut) of preschool looms. And there's something else big on the imminent horizon for me that I don't want to jinx by writing about it(or even overthinking), but that is starting up this month.

Summer is winding down when it just seemed like it got going (remember, spring here in Utah unusually sucked). Vacation is always like that -- we get back and plan for the fall. It's good to get a routine in place again and to get on with the things we need to do, but I wish June and July could last about 45 days each. August wouldn't seem so technical then.


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