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The ides of march

Today we walked in SLC's St. Patrick's Day parade with Eldest's preschool. Yes, it's only March 15, but unlike bigger cities, parades here are rarely not on weekends. This was the first parade I ever marched in, and it was fun. Nothing too special. We decorated Eldest's bike which he rode with other kids from the school. I helped pass out candy to the masses. We walked the parade, then watched the rest of it with some friends, saw the obligatory Shriners riding small vehicles as well as a couple other friends in the parade dressed as beer cans.

This was just the start of a long day. We went to breakfast after the parade, then Wife and Eldest went to Costco, then Eldest attended a birthday party at The Little Gym, then we went to a St. Patrick's Day party thrown by one of the other parents at the preschool. The latter party was fun -- we meeting some other families with kids our age. We left the party to snow -- spring, I'm waiting ... -- picked up dinner and…

Days and confused

Four days off. Hurray!

We were on vacation in California last week, we returned and I worked three straight nights. I'm now ready for a normal week, defined as one where I work just two nights and have a stretch of days off -- to write, to establish a routine that's been lacking, to work around the house, et cetera. It seems like I haven't had a normal week in a long time, as I've been getting extra hours at work, which is good for extra cash but hellacious on keeping a routine and not being so tired. And though vacation was great, it does take a lot out of us.

Fortunately, the weather cooperated on normal day No. 1 -- it was gorgeous out. Spring might finally be here.