Three-minute post

I have three minutes before I take the boys to school this Tuesday morning. What I can write about in three minutes?
  • Basketball season is wrapping up. Ben has 1-2 games left (next Monday and maybe Tuesday), and all of Michael's leagues' tournaments begin within the next week. The season has been wonderful, though a little long. I've been coaching both kids at practice on Sundays, and I'm somewhat looking forward to getting my entire Sundays back.
  • Yikes, my boys are tall this morning! Michael looks about 5-foot-5, I think Ben is up to 4-10.
  • I'm more than six weeks into the new job already. Finally feeling a little less stressed about it, I think because there has been more writing (my strong suit) in the past week and less recruiting (definitely my least favorite part of the job).
  • I've lost 13 pounds so far in 2015. My goal is to be at 200 pounds by summer, and I am well on my way after two months.
Time to go to school. Hurray for the three-minute post!


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