Back from hiatus

Yes, I haven't posted in almost two weeks. Just off kilter with my routine somewhat, while (and this is getting old, I know) working on the NFL blog. Plus, I've been, well, not uninspired, just a little less creative lately. Not writer's block, just off kilter.

Summer is almost over, it went quick. This month is sailing by, Eldest starts preschool in two weeks, college football and the NFL start up soon, and I'm wondering when the last time to mow my dry lawn will be. August always goes fast, it did as a kid, when you knew school was coming, but I can't explain why it does as an adult.

We've had a couple of moderately cloudy days here, but not like a Midwestern cloudy August day. One of Wife's friends in Chicago called her yesterday, said it was 73 and cloudy -- a typical August day in Chicago. And those, unfortunately, were the days I always remembered about August, at least before school kicked in, when it inexplicably got sunny again. Those cloudy days that were an ominous sign that summer was toast, that the Cubs were already out of any sort of playoff contention, that you could barely enjoy under the gray skies what you had left of freedom before school started again. There were exceptions of course, but dreary just seemed to define August in the Midwest.

It's not dreary here, just hot still. There is a little rainy season in SLC in late August/early September, nothing yet though. Oddly, I'm ready for September. I'm ready to get the routine down pat, ready for the NFL to start and my blog to go into overdrive, and a little ready for Eldest to start school (though I'll be a little sad, of course). I could do without winter, but fall should be nice. I barely enjoyed last fall (aside from the two weddings we went to, with their accompanying trips), I want this one to be fun.


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