Hoop it up

I took Eldest to his first college basketball game today. I took him to a prep game earlier this season, and he seemed to enjoy it, so I had high hopes for the college game featuring Utah against Colorado State. He was excited before we got to the game, especially to ride TRAX (light rail) from a remote parking lot to the arena.

I think he had fun, though it was difficult to tell. He had a long day and started to drag in the second half. It wasn't that exciting of a game, either (the Utes didn't play well), which didn't help. I think next time, I'll take him to a Jazz game, where the excitement level will be amped up (though we won't have as good of seats as we had tonight).

Eldest's best line of the night had to be when the two teams' logos (a U. for Utah, a ram for Colorado State) were on the scoreboard, and he asked, "Is it the Utes playing the Goats?"


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