October road

The weather in Utah is finally starting to cool a little.

It's been a warm fall here, and the leaves have barely started to drop from the trees. My seasonal clock hasn't been helped by my recent trip to the Yucatan Peninsula for a short vacation with the guys (not that I'm complaining -- it was a fun trip). My birthday is less than three weeks away, but autumn quite hasn't arrived yet.

I'm in no rush, but I do like this time of year. If it's going to get cold and gray, it might as well happen gradually than all at once. I just wish it was this warm last spring instead.

I've gone through some of my October rituals. The front yard is decorated for Halloween. I made my annual Farmer's Almanac purchase, and the sweatshirts have been broken out. No raking yet, but that will come soon enough. In the meantime, I already looked in the almanac to see when the days start getting longer again. Autumn is fun for a couple weeks, then I'm ready for spring. It's just too bad winter gets in the way.


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