Start the week

Monday always seems like a transitional day for me -- the weekend is over, I work late on Sunday night, and the new week begins. Mondays never seem that productive, but I just want to get enough done to be rested and prepared for the rest of the week.

My Monday started with a dentist's appointment. Ben got home from school about noon, and I kind of lounged for an hour and started folding some laundry. We picked up Michael from school, then raced over to Cookie Cutters for the boys' haircuts. The nice thing about boys haircuts: They don't take long. We had plenty of time to get Ben to his swim lesson. Michael and I played a little basketball, then came home, at which time I got Popcorn out for a walk and finished loading the laundry. After dinner, I watched the second half of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II" (Michael has been watching all the Harry Potter movies in order and just finished up tonight), then took Popcorn for a long walk. I watched a little TV, then came down here to blog.

If I can get to bed soon, I will be ready for the week. I better be, because it just gets busier from here.


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