Travels and travails

I'm sitting on the couch with my laptop, typing this post and watching "All the President's Men" on TCM. The last two weeks or so have been nonstop, and tonight, I finally feel like something isn't impending. That's false, because things are pending -- contract work, shifts at the newspaper, soccer, more soccer, registering the boys for basketball, Halloween, NaNoWriMo.

We went to Moab last weekend for a little vacation. The trip was fun, culminating with Lori running a half-marathon. As we walked to the car following lunch in Moab after her race, very suddenly, I felt a cold come on. We stopped in Price so I could buy some Cold-Eze and attack the cold, because two hours in, I knew it was going to be annoying. I got a flu shot last week, and I wonder if it was simply a residual effect of the immunization. Nevertheless, it hit quick.

Lori got a one-day break before departing for Milwaukee on a work trip. I felt miserable Monday, slogged through Tuesday, and felt a little better Wednesday. The whole week felt like a slog. Usually, I get by fine when Lori is out of town -- sure, we endure some little dramas, but the boys and I do fine. This week, maybe because of the cold, maybe just general chaos, might have been the toughest time I've had without her. I felt so unproductive all week, even with everything pending. On top of everything, Salt Lake City got hit with an early snow, further clouding my general mood.

So here I am tonight. Lori flew back this evening, and we went from the boys' Halloween dance at school to the airport to pick her up. Tomorrow morning, I'm coaching two soccer games, then we go to a Real Salt Lake game in the evening. I work Sunday, then another crazy week ensues. But that's OK. Tonight, as I type this and watch my favorite newspaper movie, I'm decompressing. I'm blaming this past week on the cold. Next week will be better.


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