Let the fun begin

Tonight brings to a close the last calm day before spring goes crazy on us like it does every year. In the morning, Michael has a soccer game and Ben has a soccer and a baseball game. I'm just coaching Ben's soccer team this spring and not helping with baseball (and I wasn't coaching Michael's soccer team this season anyway). They both swim two days a week, and Michael's spring basketball season resumes (he had a game two weeks ago, followed by two byes) next weekend. They will have a sport every day of the week except Sunday.

Every spring has been like this. I love helping coach baseball, but by about mid-May, I'm tired out -- it's such a long season (and here in Utah, the season barely reaches into summer, unlike my youth when we played into July) that I'm ready for it to be over. Same with spring soccer.

I sometimes worry maybe it's too much sports for these two months, but I would have loved to have something every day of the week when I was a kid. It would be different if we were taking them away from homework or play time with friends, but mostly, they have been watching Cartoon Network every day after school, so I don't exactly feel bad shuttling them to sports they love to play.

This spring might be a little mellower with me simply watching baseball instead of being in the dugout. I've been taking my laptop along to practices to work while I watch and the boys play. And the weather is improving. I love spring; I don't want to make it seem like I'm complaining. But wow, it's going to be crazy. And busy. And fun.


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