Sweet November

Thanksgiving is in a few days, and I know it's an early Thanksgiving this year, but if feels like March here in Utah, as it got to 70 degrees today. With no leaves on the trees, it almost felt like March. Alas, that's still four months away. I took the boys to the park again, where they didn't need jackets. I did put a 12-month-sized jean jacket on Littlest this morning, thinking it was the last time he'd probably ever wear it -- it's supposed to cool off.

It is indeed a weird convergence -- no leaves on trees, it's Thanksgiving week, it's 70 degrees, and there are three radio stations playing just Christmas music. If you just dropped me into this setting after being in suspended animation, I might not have any idea what time of year it would be. I'm sure that will change next week, as the colder weather sets in and the Christmas bombardment gets into high gear. Until then, I'm hoping the warm weather lasts just one more day.


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