Four out of five dentists

I didn't actually witness the following incident, but it's so amusing I must share it anyway. We went to the dentist today, with Wife, Eldest and myself getting checkups. I waited in the car with Littlest, who had fallen asleep on the drive, while Wife and Littlest had their teeth checked. They finished as Littlest awoke, just in time for my checkup and Eldest to get a promised Happy Meal.

I got into the dentist's office, and the assistant was laughing at something Eldest had done while the dentist was looking in his mouth. What did Eldest do? When the dentist wasn't looking, Eldest put a piece of candy in his mouth. Yes, while he was getting his teeth checked, he ate something sugary.

I'm not sure if Eldest is just fuzzy on the dental concept or was defiant by eating candy while in the dentist's chair. Either way, the assistant said she'd never forget his need for candy at that one moment.


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