Smash and grab

All the miserable weather cleared by Sunday morning. I was up relatively early after working Saturday night, the sun was shining, and I turned to Wife and asked her how we should spend the imminently glorious Sunday.

Before she could answer, our neighbor came up to our door and asked if we saw that the front driver-side window on our Corolla had been shattered. And thus disappeared our glorious Sunday.

I had parked the Corolla on the street the night before so we could get our Outback -- our usual family vehicle -- out of the driveway. Someone smashed the window, rifled through our glove compartment, and stole Wife's gym bag and an iPod adapter (allows you to play your iPod through your car stereo). Needless to say, this soured our mood.

The thieves deidn't get away with much -- the adapter (which incidentally aren't cheap), Wife's iPod shuffle, her running shows, an old fleece of mine. The gym bag was blue and black and on the floor of the car -- whoever did this was casing the neighborhhod and needed to look hard to see it and decide to break in.

We had the window replaced today for $170, under our insurance deductible, and the stolen contents were under our homeowners insurance and nowhere near our deductible. A new Shuffle was only $50, we bought a new iPod adapter that's an upgrade on the old one and Wife has backup running shoes. But besides the cost, it was just the violation, the annoyance, the inconvenience that pissed us off. I've had my car broken into in downtown Milwaukee; I wanted to think residential Salt Lake City was different. It is, but maybe not as much as we hoped.

One of my neighbors said it best, when I said these things happen, she replied: "Yeah, but it shouldn't."


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