Stir crazy

I was lucky to be around two crabby children today. And they got naps, so it wasn't like they were tired.

I think it's the heat. Today, we had nothing planned, no swim lessons, no playdates, no gymnastics classes. It was too hot to be out in the afternoon, a trip to the pool just wasn't going to work today, and though we did go for a walk in the morning, it evidently wasn't enough. When we finally did get them outside, it was a little chaotic. First at the video game store, where neither could stay in one place for more than half a second. That was nothing compared to the soccer store, where we bought shin guards, socks and shorts for Eldest's impending soccer camp. I guess it's a sign of a good soccer store when kids just want to run around.

The boys were crabby through dinner, then carried it outside when we finally took them out to play. Littlest wanted more attention and threw a great 2-year-old tantrum, just classic. Eldest took whatever Littlest was playing with, then threw a fit when we told him to play nice. They did finally settle down and had fun playing with some neighbors. Of course, did they want to come in? Nope.

I wanted the weather to turn warmer, so I shouldn't complain. Hopefully, this was just a one-day festival of agitation. Otherwise, it's going to be a long summer.


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