Summer, Day 8

Today was Memorial Day, and as far as Memorial Days go, this one seemed somewhat anticlimactic. The sun came out after three less-than-stellar days, perhaps preventing the weekend from being a total bust.

I worked late last night but was awake earlier than I wanted to be this morning. I fell back asleep and woke up around 10:30 to a thumping sound outside. Michael, Lori and my father-in-law got the rest of the sand in the base of the new basketball hoop, and Michael and his friend from across the street were shooting around.

This was Lori's parents' last day in Utah, so we treated them to The Cheesecake Factory at the new City Creek mall downtown. I had the macaroni and cheese burger and most of a piece of Oreo cheesecake (no matter how much I pushed on my sons -- they wanted to share Lori's banana cream cheesecake). The boys and I wandered City Creek a little and came home.

The afternoon wasn't much more eventful. Michael and I took Popcorn to the park for about 10 minutes of exercise. Lori found a couch (our old one is on its last legs) she liked at a furniture store, and she summoned me and Michael, who is rather attached to the old one, to see what we thought. After the furniture store, I took Michael to a classic arcade that just opened, where we spent a few bucks on classic games. I discovered that I'm just as good at Centipede as I used to be, am better at Tron, could be better at Tempest if the paddle controller worked better (it is a 30-year-old machine), and still suck at Star Castle. Michael liked Tron and Cruis'n' World. I have to go back sometime, with both boys and a lot more quarters, if not just to play Omega Race and Vanguard again. We got home, where Lori and I showed Michael how to play cribbage.

I was resisting eating much dinner, still being full from our slightly later lunch and believing myself to be flabbier than I want to be with summer beginning. But Lori made a lasagna -- maybe the best one she's ever made -- so I had some and took Popcorn for a walk to Sugar House Park. The sunset from the west end of the park was amazing. Summer really is here.

Prepare for Day 9.


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