Summer, Day 1

Having the crazy first three weeks of May, I'm thinking of summer. The temperature climbed above 90 on Monday, really making me think of summer. Thus, I embarked on some simple math.

Ten days remain in May. June has 30, and July and August each are 31 days. Labor Day is Sept. 3, but I'm going with Sept. 5 -- the first NFL game of the season (yes, it's on a Wednesday this year). Add it up, and you get 107. Add the day that just finished, and you get 108. That number is how many days I'm declaring officially as my summer.

I'm planning to write something about each of the 108 days. It's ambitious, and it doesn't mean that I won't blog about other things (but it might mean multiple postings in the same hour; please, please scroll down when you call up my home page). I've declared how much summer has meant to me, and how much I try to recapture the feelings and memories and summers past. This year, I am making no excuse to let those memories drift into a fog. I'm blogging the summer.

So here was Day 1: I worked late last night, so I was slow to get going this morning. When Ben, who is mostly off this week for end-of-kindergarten assessments, and I finally got out of the house, we went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription and Toys 'r' Us so he could use a gift card he got for his birthday (he bought six Track Pack eggs, series 2). We came home for lunch, and after, I took Popcorn for a hike on the off-leash trail (Ben didn't want to go and stayed with his grandfather). The dog played hard on the trail and splashed (but didn't swim; she won't go in too deep) in the creek. Later, I took Ben to swim practice, then took Michael to his comp soccer tryout. Michael's practice ran long, but he did well, and I got him Wendy's for dinner (and got a burger for myself). We got home, everyone else crawled into bed, but here I am, outside on a pleasant night, blogging.

I'm ready for Day 2.

And that final sentence, unbeknownst to me at the time, makes a great segue into a link to Day 2.


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