This is May.

Leaves. Exploding leaves, reclaiming branches that have been bare for months. Thousands of reminders that the sunshine and the warmth returns every year.

Dirt. The soil underneath the grass that is daring to grow again. The dirt on the baseball diamond that lightly coats the players (and coaches) above it -- dirt that won't feel the same in June.

The sun is reasserting itself in the sky. No more wimpy paths that barely graze the southern sky, but a start ruling directly overhead. The sun at 9 a.m. is tentative. The sun at the same time in May is confident.

"Sir Duke" is May. So is Smokey Robinson's "Being With You," as well as "The Reflex," "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" and "Shattered Dreams."

Every Star Wars movie is May.

May is relief. And hope. And anticipation. Summer is right around the corner. The month of May is no better reminder of that.

This is May.


Kim Grob said…
Gorgeous writing! I loved reading this. Thanks for the inspiration.
Kim Grob said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joey G said…
Thanks, Kim! I'm hoping to do one of these every month; I'm wondering how interesting I can make January :)

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