Summer, Day 9

Past Memorial Day weekend, and back to school. I'm amazed grade school teachers try anything scholastic after Memorial Day. Ben's last day is next Monday; Michael's is two days after. Nevertheless, I took them to school and co-oped in Michael's class. After the morning co-op ended, I took Ben to the cafeteria, where he stood in line for his first school lunch, in preparation for next year when he will be eating lunch there every day. He did great, getting his spaghetti and cheese, picking some veggies and fruit from the choices bar, sitting down and enthusiastically eating his lunch. I took Ben today to give him a chance to experience a new routine. Maybe I don't give him enough credit sometimes, because he loves tackling new routines. He's going love first grade, too.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I coached Ben's soccer team's last practice of the season. I went for a at dusk (this is my favorite time of the day at my favorite time of year to run). I watched "The Descendants" while eating dinner. And here I am typing before going to bed.

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