Summer, Day 4

We take one big vacation every summer, almost always back to the Midwest. This year we delayed booking a trip. We contemplated going to Texas instead to see my family, as well as waited until airfares, which have been the most expensive since we moved to Utah in 2000, became cheaper. In the last 36 hours, fares became cheaper, and it was time to pounce.

Booking our trip should have been easy. Unfortunately, it became an adventure itself, dominating my thoughts and efforts all day.

I had found a cheap fare to Texas on Southwest, but I also found the cheapest fare I had seen for Chicago in months, maybe a couple years. We had miles built up, and I thought I could get us a good deal. However, Delta's website conspired against me. After swaying back and forth between Chicago and San Antonio, I finally got enough of a better deal for Chicago and booked the flight. We'll go to Texas in November, when the weather is quite nice. November in Chicago is terminally gray.

Otherwise, it was mostly an uneventful day. The weather was a little nicer today, and the boys were warmer at swim practice. I got the safety and emissions tests done on the Corolla this morning, and I gave Popcorn a much-needed bath in the afternoon. After wolfing down dinner, delayed for me while I finalized the vacation, Michael, my father-in-law and I saw "The Avengers" at Gateway. Fun movie, and surprisingly, a needed outlet to unwind.

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