Summer, Day 7

I'm happy to be writing this post after work. I'm picking up some extra shifts for the summer, and if I want to blog every day, I'm going to need to write after work to recap the day. It helps that today wasn't too eventful ...

The sky was as cloudy as it was yesterday, but it didn't rain much today. My father-in-law ambitiously assembled Michael's new basketball hoop. He did a great job, better than I would have done, but the base of the portable hoop needed sand. I didn't find any at Sears or Walmart, but bought some at Home Depot cheap. This took a couple hours, and I got home just as Tony was finishing the hoop. The boys and I started putting sand into the base -- unfortunately, not a quick task. I funneled one bag in, and Lori and Michael got two more, but we still have three to go. I know Michael is excited about his new hoop, but I am too -- I love random shootarounds.

I went to work for a busy night, but I managed to get out on the balcony for 10 minutes just in time to miss the sunset behind clouds and the sunset. But the weather did clear up, which bodes well for Memorial Day.

On to Day 8!


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