Summer, Day 11

I'm a little worn out as I type this post. I'm writing and watching "Dog Day Afternoon" on TCM at the same time. And I'm tired.

I co-oped Tuesday and Wednesday at the boys' school, and today I helped out with the kindergarten classes' Water Day. I filled up a lot of water balloons, then became a target for water balloons. None of the other adults got water balloons thrown at them, just me. Maybe I shouldn't be such a fun co-oper. It was a fun morning, and I wasn't defenseless in the water war -- I had the bucket and access to a faucet.

The boys had swim practice in the late afternoon, and once again, I lounged by the pool while they swam. Michael did diving practice after swim, but Ben didn't, so the two of us swam for 45 minutes, involving Ben getting thrown about 25 times. He loved it, but it took a lot out of me, even though he's so light (even in the water). After practice, we picked up dinner and came home.

I took Popcorn for a long walk, and about three-quarters of the way through, I hit the wall. The tiring day, the tiring week, was catching up. Tomorrow will be even busier -- Michael's class needed parental help with Water Day for the rest of the school, and I said I could. The school (kindergartners excluded) is getting bused to a rec center pool, where the kids are going to rotate between the pool, the sand area and lunch. This should be crazy, but considering I don't like sand, I'll get a little time when I'll just be overseeing rather than being the fun co-oper. Then I work tomorrow night. On Saturday, we have an 8 a.m. soccer game, a 1 p.m. baseball game and a block party. The fun continues.

I should go to sleep, but I'm sucked in to "Dog Day Afternoon." I remember watching this on network TV long ago with my mom (and asking her what "Attica! Attica!" meant). I'll likely stay up to watch (spoiler alert!) watch John Cazale get shot, then try to get eight hours sleep. Summer is great, but damn, sometimes it's tiring.

If you think today was busy, read Day 12.


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