Summer, Day 12

(I'm writing this a whole day late. I worked late last night and had to get up early this morning, then was busy all Saturday, which you can read about on Day 13 ...)

After Ben's Water Day on Thursday, I helped out with Michael's on Friday. This one was for the rest of the school and was held at the Northwest Rec Center. I was skeptical that the school could pull this off with so many kids, but it did, with a third of the school outside eating lunch, playing sports and careening down a makeshift water slide, a third swimming, and a third in the indoor sand pit. The groups got rotated, and everything went quite smoothly. I again must be all the kids' favorite co-oper, because after getting pelted with water balloons the day before, this day the kids all wanted to tackle me in the water. Lori brought Ben, who got to swim as well. I took him home while the rest of the kids got bused back to school.

I got home and rested before my work shift. First, I took the boys to our friend Maureen's house, and she took them to another pool for more swimming. Needless to say, they were exhausted at the end of the day. Work was fine, just late.


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