Summer, Day 14

Blessedly, Sunday was a much less busy. I'm still tired tonight, but it feels like we got over the busy hill. School ends this week, as does baseball, and soccer is over.

The heat was back with all its simmering glory, but I got Popcorn out for a hike on the dog trail early. She was happy -- we haven't got her out for as much exercise as she needs the last few days. After getting home, our neighbor Matt helped (actually, did most of the work) putting up a new ceiling fan in our bedroom. Lori took the boys to Ikea and came home with a new chair that Michael picked out. He's a little bummed that we're getting rid of the old, big chair (now not needed with our new couch and love seat), so this was the compromise: Buy a cheap chair all his own. Lori and I got the old chair outside, and she assembled the new one. The living room looks good.

I worked tonight at the newspaper, but didn't get out for a walk beyond Costa Vida to pick up dinner. Still, it was an uneventful shift. I came home and was craving an Time/Life infomercial, and found one with Mickey Dolenz hawking music from the '60s. I'm typing this before going to bed, looking forward to sleep and a fun Monday (Ben's last day of kindergarten!).

Day 15 ...


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