Summer, Day 17

After Ben's last day of school Monday, Michael enjoyed his last day today. This was a short-day party too. Brunch, recess, class awards and some pictures, and that's all she wrote. Michael is now a third-grader, and a tall one at that.

We went home after school, let Popcorn out, then headed out for some needed shopping and some discretionary shopping. We bought dog and cat food at Petsmart, a used Wii Guitar Hero drum set for $4.99 at Savers, clothes for the boys (mostly Michael, who is outgrowing things) and swim trunks for me at Kohl's, and a few more shirts and flip-flops for the boys at Old Navy. We had to buy Michael the flip-flops, which were cheap, after trying them on -- he was wearing his Keens today, which needed to be washed, and his feet were so stinky, it transferred odor to the flip-flops, and I felt a moral obligation to finish the purchase.

The boys had a good swim practice later in the afternoon while I ran a short speed workout around the JCC indoor track. After dinner, the boys and I went to Nordstrom Rack hoping to find new Keens for Michael (because his old ones are getting tight on his feet, not because of the smell -- I washed those shoes tonight), but we didn't see his size, so we completed a quick search of the stores in the shopping center selling Skylanders (none had the ones we are missing) and finished our day with TCBY. It was the first day of summer vacation for both kids. They deserved to stay up a little later.

Catching up on my hyperlinking: Here's Day 18.


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