Summer, Day 25

Today was for moping.

Still bummed out about my injured knee and missing this weekend's Wasatch Back, I wasn't too keen on enjoying the gorgeous summer day presented us. I could have taken the boys to the pool but didn't. I could have mowed the lawn but didn't. I could have spent more time outside in the sunshine but didn't.

The day wasn't a total display of self-pity, however. The boys had swim this morning, and Michael had basketball camp at noon. I went to Kohl's and bought a new pair of New Balance cross-trainers -- anticipating the increased walking to strengthen my knee and get more exercise over the next eight weeks. Michael and I did take advantage of the nice weather by taking Popcorn on a hike on the off-leash trail, which she loved. I grilled Polish sausages and two cheeseburgers (for the boys) for dinner. And here I am typing, outside on the porch on a pleasant summer night.

The moping ends tomorrow while I focus on the yard, writing and doing something fun with the boys. And continued icing of my knee.

Onward to Day 26.


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