Summer, Day 29

I'm writing this a day late after a tiring, fun Monday that was Day 29. I was tired last night, then simply forgot to write today until now.

Day 29 started with the boys' swim practice. I picked up Ben while Michael stayed for diving practice. We went to my dentist appointment in Holladay, then drove over to Taylorsville to the condo of one of Ben's classmates. Her mom had invited a bunch of kids over to swim in the condo complex pool. Ben had so much fun, and the water felt good on a hot day. After lunch, we picked up Michael from basketball camp (Lori had collected him after diving), then went home.

That's enough to fill a day, but we weren't done. The boys had a swim meet that evening. Michael did all right in his dive meet, swam an OK 25 freestyle (he looked up near the end to smile at Lori but stopped kicking in the process), his fastest 25 backstroke ever and a blistering opening leg of the 100 freestyle relay. Ben did great, too -- he knocked off 17 seconds in the freestyle from last week and got a personal record in the backstroke (not by 17 seconds, but still a PR) despite looking tired over the last 10 yards.I volunteered keeping times at the meet and was on my bare feet for 3 1/2 hours. We got home and were exhausted, so much that I skipped blogging and went to bed. We definitely got the most out of Day 29.

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