Summer, Day 31

Day 31 included my annual summer solstice jaunt to watch the sunset, but there was a whole day to enjoy before that. The boys had swim and dive this morning, and Michael had basketball camp again. Ben and I took Popcorn for a hike on the dog trail. After getting a few provisions from Harmon's, I made quesadillas for dinner. We went to Yogurt Stop for dessert, and I was a little paranoid after eating the peanut butter yogurt that emerged too fast from the machine (wondering if it was fully frozen). But I haven't thrown up three hours later, so I think it was OK. I went to the park, watched the sunset, came home, and sat on the porch posted my earlier blog entry and will soon post this one.

The heat returns tomorrow, and I'm back at work after eight days off. Astronomically, summer has officially begun.

A short post on Day 32.


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