Summer, Day 34

Hiss. Rattle.

Oh my.

 I was hiking with Popcorn on the Pipeline Trail in Millcreek Canyon when she looked to go down a slope to get to a little creek, presumably to get a drink. She edged down slowly while trying to find her footing when something caught her attention. That's when I heard it.

Hiss. Rattle.

Popcorn wisely didn't approach the rattlesnake after that, instead running down the slope to the stream. Though I never saw the whole rattlesnake, I did see its back half, including the rattle, slithering behind a gap between a board holding up the trail and the trail itself, away from where Popcorn just ran down. She ran back up straight to me, not coming near where the rattlesnake was.As we continued our four-mile hike, I wondered how I would have gotten her off the trail and out of the canyon to an animal hospital quickly. Thankfully, the rattlesnake just used its natural defenses to scare Popcorn, who got the hint.

The rest of the hike was uneventful. We were in Millcreek Canyon because Ben had a birthday party a little farther up the road. The dog and I caught the last part of of the party and brought Ben home into a blazing hot valley.

Of course, we had to pick the hottest day of the year to throw a barbecue. We hosted some friends and their kids for a small yet fun gathering. The kids played in the kiddie pool, and really, in the shade, being outside wasn't so bad. The barbecue went well, and Lori and I are thinking about hosting another one soon.

Oh, I did get stung by a bee this morning. Didn't even realize it happened until I was pulling a stinger out of my thumb, thinking the stinger was a thorn. I was worried maybe it was a tick, but the giveaway that it was a bee was the bee dying nearby. At least nature attacked me today and not the dog.

Here's Day 35.


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