Summer, Day 16

Since we moved to Utah, I've noticed that June produces one cold snap before summer really sets in. Even after consecutive 90-degree days, that cold snap made an appearance in 2012. After a nice morning, the clouds rolled in, the wind picked up, the temperature dropped, and it felt like November.

But that was OK for today -- a kind of lazy day I think we needed (at least for Ben and me). I did some housework, picked up Michael from school, eventually took them to swim practice (yes, they had swim practice outside; the water was warmer than the air by 30 degrees) and came home for a boring night, capped with watching "Schoolhouse Rock." We'll be more productive Wednesday, but for Tuesday, it was perfect to not get outside. As much as I want the sun to return, I needed one cloudy, cold day.

Click here for a warmer Day 17.


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