Summer, Day 18

The first full day of the boys' vacation started with a clog.

Lori woke me up to complain that the bathtub drain was backed up. Water was trickling away very slowly. She went to work crabby after not taking a shower, while I did what I could to alleviate the clog.

Unfortunately, nothing worked all day, no matter what I tried. Hot water didn't work. Vinegar didn't work. A snake didn't work. Plunging didn't work. Liquid Plumr didn't work. Some combination of these methods might have made the clog worse -- dislodging sludge from the pipe farther down into the barrier and slowing down the trickle even more. Finally, I called the plumber, who is coming tomorrow to hopefully break the dam.

And that was pretty much our whole day. We did go to Smith's Marketplace to buy the Liquid Plumr and found two Skylanders the boys didn't have. I did some housework in between unclogging attempts. I took the boys to swim practice, and then I went to work. I managed about a 3-mile walk for my dinner break on a nice, if not a little cool, evening.

Onward to Day 19.


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