Summer, Day 39

When I walked on the pool deck to get Ben from swim practice this morning, I saw him sitting on the side, chattering. His coach told me he was frustrated today because he just didn't feel like swimming and was tired. She was proud of him and told him not to beat himself up so much if he is tired. He had mentioned being tired this morning before he left, then told that to Lori when he dropped him off. After I got him, he took a long, hot shower, got dressed, and watched Michael's diving practice. He seemed to exude more energy than before -- not doing cartwheels, but not totally a lump, either.

After we got home and after lunch, I checked to see if Ben's forehead was warm. He didn't seem too warm, but maybe warm is the new normal in this stretch of hot weather. But when I actually took his temperature, it was around 101. That would explain the chattering and fatigue this morning, and yesterday him wanting to come home from playing with his best friend (he was complaining of being sweaty). We got some medicine in him and let him take it easy the rest of the day. He never looked too beat, however, and he wasn't running a fever in the evening, so hopefully, he'll be OK tomorrow.

Ben's fever caused one little wrench -- Lori and I were to see the Avett Brothers tonight. We weren't going to subject a sitter to a feverish kid, and Lori really wanted to see this show, so I stayed home with Ben and she took Michael to the concert. They had a lot of fun. Ben and I hung out, with him first playing on the computer for a little while, then both of us watching the first 45 minutes of "Spider-Man" before he fell asleep.Michael and I had taken Popcorn for a hike after Lori had come home early from work, so the dog was thoroughly tired as well (though I did get her around the block after they got home from the concert). I really hope the little guy feels better tomorrow. Being sick in the summer sucks.

Double the blogging fun with days 40-41.


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