Summer, days 40-41

After working late Friday night and not getting a chance to write during work, I'm combining two posts into one on Saturday night. Our Friday was boring anyway. Ben needed one more recovery day, so we mostly stayed inside until I went to work. Since I've been getting some extra shifts and doing layout at the newspaper, the nights have been easy, but last night was busier, to the point I never got out for a walk, never got out on the balcony with my laptop, and never got much of a chance to relax. I know I once did this five nights a week, but removed from full-time for long enough and even extra shifts are annoying. I work next Tuesday, then thanks to a scheduling quirk, have 11 days off until I work again (then do two shifts in three days followed by three weeks off for vacation). I'm looking forward to the long summer break

Saturday was a big improvement. Ben felt much better and was ready to run. The boys participated in the Mountair Mile, a multisport kids race they have done for five years now. Michael's race was a 1.1-mile bike and a 1.1-mile run, and he raced hard and finished in first place in his age division! Ben did the mini race, which is about 0.6 miles of wheels and a run for a half-mile. He didn't want to bring his scooter, and he's not riding a bike yet, so he simply ran the whole thing again. No places were kept, but he ran the 1.1. miles in under 13 minutes -- not bad for a 6-year-old coming off a fever. He was exhausted at the finish, confirming how hard he ran. I was proud of my two little racers.

We went to breakfast at Original Pancake House, then came home and relaxed. Lori ran some errands, then I ran some, getting a few groceries and a new propane canister. Lori made quesadillas for dinner and we all watched the first "Spider-Man" movie. The boys, dog and I got out for a little while after 8, when it was blessedly cooling off. Like I said, a better day.

Day 42.


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