Summer, Day 53

The heat that was wearing me down yesterday is starting to tire out the boys, too. After swim practice late this afternoon, neither wanted to stay at the pool to just splash around in the 100-degree conditions.

Michael and Ben did have an active day. We met some of the boys' classmates for a hike at Donut Falls up in somewhat cooler Big Cottonwood Canyon.  The boys had fun climbing rocks, wading ankle-deep in a very cold creek and hanging out with their friends.

We rested after returning home, then cleaned the house a little and headed to swim practice. The boys swam inside, while I got an hour of kid-free pool time outside. I didn't swim much, only jumping in for a minute (and having a preschooler jump on top of my head while I was surfacing -- I wasn't happy but not hurt), and alas, clouds covered up the sun a little. The hour went quick, and went inside to fetch the boys, who surprised me by saying they wanted to come home. They were hungry, because they got home and gobbled up plenty of pasta.

The weather is supposed to cool tomorrow and maybe even rain. We need the break.

Next up: Day 54.


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