Summer, Day 68; Vacation, Day 4

The knee felt better today. But now, I can't stop swaying.

My brother-in-law borrowed a boat and took his and my kids out on Lake Alexander just outside Merrill. The boys tried tubing for the first time. Michael loved it right away and didn't want to stop. Ben needed more coaxing and eventually went, just once, with his cousin in a large tube he could sit in. My brother-in-law didn't drag him too fast, but at one point, he asked to stop, then declared: "I'm sorry for not wanting to go before, this is great, let's keep going."

The lake included a rope swing off a small island, and Michael loved jumping off that as well. Ben was a little small for the swing, but later did jump off a smaller rock on the island. We took the boat out a second time, but they had to use a different tube after the strap on the large one broke. This second tube required more holding on, but Michael again did great, never being fazed by bumps or the two times he got thrown off. Ben wasn't as brave this time, simply being content to stay on the boat and swim by the island.

No, I didn't go tubing. With my knee still hurting (though it felt better as the day went on), I didn't think it wise to try. And honestly, I don't know if I would have summoned to courage to do so. Getting dragged around a lake isn't my idea of fun. Maybe next year, and maybe if the boat goes slow. I did muster enough guts to actually jump out of the boat, albeit with a life vest on. I know I can swim now, but I still don't like lakes over my head. I felt more at ease with the life vest on, especially knowing I wouldn't have to tread (and move my left knee -- and if I'm in deep water, I'm still not relaxed enough to not tread furiously) much with it. I jumped in twice, labored a bit to get back on the boat with my bum leg, and was satisfied with the knowledge that 10 years ago, I might not have tried this.

I was so tired when we got home that I napped for a little bit, then ate dinner. We all watched the Opening Ceremonies of the London Olympics, though Lori and the boys went to bed before it was over. I'm here on my sister-in-law's porch blogging, and I can still feel myself swaying as if I was still on the boat. Aching knee and seasickness hours later? Should make for an interesting night of sleep.

Vacation, day 5.


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