Summer, Day 45: Fourth of July

Another July 4, and we've mostly settled into the traditions we've established in past Independence Days. We started our holiday by participating in the neighborhood parade, with Michael riding his bike and Ben on his scooter. Lunch followed the parade, and we socialized with neighbors until going home.

The boys played with their friends the rest of the afternoon, including Michael's best friend who hadn't been home in almost a month. I took Popcorn for a hike later in the afternoon on the off-leash trail (trying to time it so she wouldn't need a walk later), and she loved it as usual. I don't think we've ever been on the trail and seen so many black dogs. The hike wore her out, thankfully.

We grilled flank steak for dinner, then hung out until walking to Sugar House Park with our neighbors for the annual fireworks show, which seemed shorter than usual (only about 25 minutes). We trudged through the crowds back home, and the boys were so tired by then. I think we are going to skip swim practice in the morning.

Yes, our Fourth of July was typical but still fun. As we walked home, I told Michael of the year when just I took him to the fireworks and put him on my shoulders to walk home. Lori and I tried to determine what year was that, and I got my answer from the magic of blogging: That Independence Day was 2007. Yikes, that was a fast five years -- five July 4s since then. And double yikes: Ben weighs as much now and Michael did at 3 1/2.

Rain!  The crops are saved!


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