Summer, Day 69; Vacation, Day 5

We didn't pack as much into our Wisconsin day as we did yesterday. After an easy morning in which Lori's aunt drove from Stevens Point to see us for a few hours, we drove to Minocqua to meet Lori's parents. The boys go-karted (Michael on his own, Ben with his grandfather; I sat out as to not aggravate my knee). we played miniature golf (during which I did aggravate my knee -- I didn't see a little slope, stepped wrong, and swore in agony as my swollen knee stretched too far back), then went to dinner at Mama's Supper Club. After driving back to Merrill, we watched some Olympics, and I walked the boys and my niece to get ice cream.

Over the past two days, I've more firmly believed something I somewhat knew before: I like the Wisconsin, up north vacation. The lakes, the woods, the Leinenkugel's, and even the touristy things we don't do back in Utah. I don't want to move back any time soon to Wisconsin any time soon, but a few days up north a year is enjoyable in a "Great Outdoors" sort of way.

Summer, Day 70, right here ...


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