Summer, Day 48

Today was Saturday but for some reason felt like a Sunday. Maybe because the holiday was Wednesday and felt like a Saturday, today had to feel like a Sunday. I'm not sure what the actual Sunday will feel like ...

Ben slept late, and Michael was a little tired after getting home from his sleepover (and seriously, have you ever been to a sleepover where you went to bed at a normal hour?). Humidity added to the hot conditions outside. Today was destined to be mellow. The boys and I played Lego Batman 2. I got Popcorn to the park to throw the ball the her, but she didn't even want to run much. I grilled sliders for dinner and played some basketball (gingerly on my bum left knee) with the boys. After, I suggested getting in the car, hiking to the H Rock, watching the sunset and getting sno-cones afterward. Neither boy wanted to go. Instead, I took Popcorn for about a 2-mile walk.

The next summer day that appears to be lazy (and even Lori took it easy today), I'm going to have a plan. I'm going to fill up the kiddie pool in the morning and lounge by it with a fantasy football magazine and a beer in the afternoon. If I'm going to relax on a summer day at home, I'm not going to be a slouch about being a slouch.

Summer, Day 49.


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