Summer, Day 46

Rain! Blessed rain!

After a least five weeks of no precipitation in the Salt Lake City metro area, it rained today. It rained for hours. Not pouring rain, but more than just random drizzle. I don't think I've ever been happier for a rainy summer day. Our lawn needed it badly. Every dry lawn, field, acre of brush and dry mountainside needed it. the wildfire burning in Utah County needed it. The temperature cooled off into the 80s, too, but the air definitely felt more humid than normal. That's OK -- I'll trade a few hours of humidity for the rain (which will be gone tomorrow; the heat is returning).

I was looking forward today as a really productive day, but somehow, I ran out of time. Ben had a playdate in the morning, and from there, Michael, Popcorn and I went to PetSmart to buy dog food. We got home and Michael read to me, then he played Minecraft while I watched something on the DVR and ate lunch. Before I knew it, we needed to pick Ben up from the playdate, and afterward, we went to Walmart to get a few things.

Upon returning home, I started some laundry, tried making some homemade pizza dough to rise for dinner (it didn't work; Lori went and bought a Papa Murphy's pizza instead), wrote some emails and got a call from my mom. Well, before I knew it again, the time had come to take the boys to swim practice, before I could get the things done I wanted to get done (such as putting away a big pile of laundry). I worked out while the boys swam, riding a stationary bike and lifting some weights (without my knee brace, however; in my haste to get out the door, I forgot to put it on, but my knee felt OK). We got home, ate dinner and relaxed, then I took Popcorn to the park to get her some exercise.

At 11 p.m., I'm typing this and finally feeling like I got everything done that I wanted to today. I'm hoping I don't feel as far behind tomorrow.

On to Day 47.


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