Summer, Day 56

Today was much the same as yesterday: overcast but never really rainy, a day to get some stuff done around the house but not go overboard. A day for catching up on movies and stuff on the DVR (I watched "Michael Clayton" this morning in time for it to get sent back to Netflix). The only difference is today, I'm typing this at work (with a nice breeze on the balcony, and I can see rain bands in the distance in front of a pink dusk to the west). Oddly, I somewhat looked forward to working tonight. The shift has been easy, and after 11 days off, one day in the office didn't seem so annoying.

I forgot to post this fact two days ago -- summer, according to my count, is halfway over. The second half is going to zip by, especially August. I need to stay focus on getting the most out of the remaining 52 days. Fall won't wait, but it doesn't have to hurry, either.

The posts keep coming! Here's Day 57.


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