Summer, Day 72; Vacation, Day 8

Michael woke me up early to tell me that my father was making pancakes. So, I woke up early and ate breakfast. I was hoping for a little relaxation today (and some time to write), but that wasn't happening, although the day wasn't overly busy.

Ben has been a game freak lately, so I found the version of Risk in the house and showed him how to play. With a little help, he quickly took over Europe and Australia. He understood the concept of the game well enough, and though I did control Africa and South America, I did not play as cutthroat as I would if I was playing my father. Ben had fun, but the game went long and he got bored, so Michael took over and won the game, starting a turn with 42 armies and sweeping through South America, Africa and southern Asia. We all enjoyed the game, and I have even more incentive to find my old Risk that I can't find in my house.

Lori flew back to Utah today, and we took her to the airport around noon. Afterward, we went to Target, then back to my dad's house, then to the block on which I grew up to visit neighbors who invited us to swim in their pool. We visited them last year, and though the grandkids weren't around, the boys enjoyed swimming and having the pool to themselves.

For dinner, we met my friend (and Ben's godfather) Mike for dinner at the SuperDawg in Wheeling. Yummy, and now I just need to get a Taco Burrito King burrito and a stuffed pizza to satisfy my Chicago food cravings. My dad is already talking about making pancakes again tomorrow morning. I hope Michael let's me sleep.

We visit the friendly confines on Day 73.


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