Summer, Day 52

The heat is starting to wear me down.

After the boys' swim meet tonight, and after we got home from dinner, I was absolutely worn out. I still had to take Popcorn for a walk but didn't want to stand up, put on the knee brace (which I'm also annoyed with) and go back outside. Maybe because today seemed more humid was I so drained. After getting the boys from swim practice this morning, then taking the car in for an oil change, I was almost useless until we departed for the swim meet. And after I got back from the walk, I couldn't bring myself to get off the couch, stop watching "Dazed and Confused" on cable, and write (until now, at least, later than I wanted to).

The boys swam alright tonight at their meet. Michael raced in the butterfly for the first time and didn't get disqualified. He set a new personal best in the backstroke (and smiled at me midway through the race -- he was in Lane 6 and I was on the side), but struggled in the freestyle after his goggles came off at the start and he wouldn't open his eyes the rest of the race (and subsequently swam into the wall a couple times). Ben wasn't as fast as last week and seemed to tire out after about two-thirds of the way (and a personal-record pace for him) through both his races. He did win his heat of the backstroke.

The meet was in Draper, and we went to Sweet Home Chicago for pizza afterward. We didn't want to wait for a stuffed pizza (after all, we will be in Chicago in two weeks and can get one then), but their thin-crust was still delicious and authentic. Our other culinary delight was a free Slurpee at 7-11 on Free Slurpee Day. The father of one of Michael's friends owns a 7-11, so we went to his store, where he let us get the larger-sized Slurpee free. Also delicious.

The heat gets even worse Thursday. Remind me why I like summer so much ...

Here's Day 53


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