Summer, Day 63

Vacation is soon, and today was mostly dedicated to preparing for it. Tomorrow will require just as much work, but I'm feeling good that we won't be too rushed Tuesday morning.

After a morning and early afternoon of packing and organizing, we made it out to Costco and Target in the afternoon, then went to the pool for a few hours. We picked up Wendy's for dinner, then were invited to light sparklers with our neighbors. We never got past pop-its and smoke bombs, however, after a storm rolled in and the wind picked up. The pool was fun on a hot day, and I'm glad the boys worked off a little energy. The storm was cool, too -- I miss evening summer thunderstorms after a hot, sunny day (they are rare in Utah in July).

Time to wrap this up. More vacation preparation is beckoning.

The day that was 64.


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